Remote Access to Repls via SSH is now generally available to all paid plans

Last week we announced the Pro plan to speed up your development with Replit’s AI tools and an even more powerful Workspace.

Today we are expanding all of our paid plans to add the ability to use SSH to remotely access your Repls.

SSH allows you to take full advantage of the power of Replit while continuing to use your local development environment. For example, with your perfectly-optimized emacs or vim setup, and sshfs, you can work on and host projects on Replit without giving up your editor. You can even use VSCode with the Remote SSH extension to work on your Repls.

How to get started

If you are subscribed to a paid plan, you will notice a new “SSH” entry in the Tools section of the Workspace. You can add your SSH keys and start working with your Repl remotely!

For more information on how to use SSH, check out our documentation, which includes detailed instructions for OpenSSH and PuTTY.


Very cool feature, though I have no idea what SSH means because I’m dum


Hmmmmm well I guess we’re both dum


We also have a blog that goes deeper into what is SSH and the use cases it enables here


Well I will dumb with you guys bc I don’t understand what it means by access remotley… send help :rofl:

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It means you can access your Repls from a local editor or an outside platform :slight_smile:


So I could use it in VS code or smth? If so thats awesome!

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That is correct!

Do check out the blog or the documentation for more information.


Very nice. But I would still prefer if you guys come out with an IDE that also allows usage of GWchat. But having SSH is a start …

Yes even PyCharm … this open possibility of using things like tabnine and copilot (which I also have and love, especially copilot).

For real?
It just means that you can work remotely not via a browser but any suppliti IDE.
This is a neat thing that is often used when developing for a target machine different from the programmer one (like you programming in windows but wanting to run code of a raspberry pi)

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What do you mean?

The ability to use Ghostwriter and Ghostwriter Chat in other IDEs?

@antoine Will beta members keep access? If not, I’ll be setting up my own things soon.

Or in a replit IDE.
SSH allows to use other ide for anything else (well fit sometimes is messed up) but despite being a fan if copilot, GhostWriter chat is really grown on me. Once it stops making coding mistakes, it will be truly an asset for programming.

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it stands for Secure SHell


When it does that we won’t need human programmers, because they make mistakes.

We’ll need something new though, we’ll need humans who are experts at guiding AIs with good prompts to create the right things.


Well, that would mean all that is to be coded has been coded because AI is just a trained machine. It does nit truly posses fantasy and innovative thinking.
So no. At least at its current stages, I doubt it will be the happen.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Loving SSH access to my repls.

Keep up the good work!

This is great and all, but now we don’t have domains…

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