Remember always-on and boosted Repls after Hacker plan expiration

Describe your feature request
If someone’s hacker plan expires and they rebuy it, Replit should remember the Repls they had boosted and have set always to be on (always on).

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Users don’t have to try and remember their boosted Repls and boost them all again.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
My hacker plan expired a few days ago and now I don’t have my boosted/always on Repls. I forgot which ones I had always on, but they were probably important.


And why not also if you run out of cycles then gain some again? And with that also GPUs


Hey @LuisAFK,

I saw that you commented on this on the Replit Discord, and thanks for doing a feature request for it! I personally don’t like this feature request as I commented on the Discord server. I’m just going to put a simple example of why people might not want this feature request. Let me do an example with nitro so everyone can understand why this can be annoying :

Imagine that 3 months ago you purchased Discord Nitro (which comes with 2 free boosts), and boosted 2 servers, the replit server, and the svelte server, because you were very active in those servers. But on the 10th of December, the subscription ended, and those discord boost disappeared. And since then you stopped being active on the svelte server, but not on the replit server. And then on the 25th your friend gifts you nitro and you decide that you’re going to boost the replit server and the kaboom server, but to your surprise when you claim the nitro the boosts are on the replit and on the svelte server.

This is just like your feature request, but with discord boosts. But instead of Discord this is on replit, and maybe x time passes until you buy the hacker plan again, and you might work on other repls and you think I’d like to boost this repl, but when you buy it again, the boosted repls that you had before got boosted. And I think we all agree that deleting a boost of a repl can be very annoying to then putting that boost on another repl.

I think that your feature request could be useful for a group of people, but maybe it couldn’t be so useful for another group of people. This feature could be useful, but the replit team should look at :

  • How many people buy a hacker plan after it expires in their account
  • The time passes until they buy hacker plan again
  • Do they boost and always on the same repls they have boosted and always on

This is a feature that should be really looked into. But, here is my solution. Hackers can have an option after purchasing hacker again to select which of the repls they had boosted or/and always on that should stay with the boost or/and always on they had. If one repl has always been on and boosted they could get rid of both options or only 1.

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The example you gave has nothing to do. Maybe Discord Nitro boosts can’t be removed, but always on and Repl boosts can be added and removed as many times as you like, as long as you’re using Hacker plan and not cycles. So I still feel like this would be useful to all, and if they no longer want their old Repls to be boosted, they can remove them any time they want.

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Yeah, but it’s only so you see how annoying that would be.

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Me. I got 3 months free through GH and then renewed later this month. There was a few weeks where I did not have it

Depends. Some people may not have it on auto renew and gets the the next day well others may need to wait.

Me yes. I (try to) host a handful of discord bots and some other bots for other platforms and I will always when them boosted and always on.


Yeah, it depends on people choices

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Well this already has four votes, so I think people like the idea.

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I think this could be a useful feature to have, but there should be an option to disable it.


Yea, I think this is the best compromise

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Yes, an option but enabled by default.

Ah, the joy of cookies.

Maybe there should also be an option to set a time period for saving boosted/always on repls. For example, if the user sets it to two weeks, always-on/boosted repls will still be boosted if the plan is bought again within two weeks, but if the plan is not bought by then it will reset.


I think it should be disabled by default. Most people probably would not want this happening without them knowing. If they really want it then they could find the option and enable it.