Reduce the Cashout limit back to 10,000 cycles

I’ve never cashed out before, but I want replit to reduce the limit because they increased the amount that you have to pay for to 500 cycles a month for private repls. This would make it harder to cashout now and do other stuff. So please replit, go back to 10,000 cycles for cashing out.


hi @sonicx180! just a reminder, but u can only cashout cycles you earned from bounties :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly, so why is there a minimum?

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Because replit can’t let everyone cash out, or they can’t survive. The longer users’ money is fully in their control, the more things they can do with that money.

And cycles you get from tips too, right?

Tips can’t be cashed out. That’s probably to prevent tips obtained for free from costing replit money.

they should absolutely make the limit back to 10,000 cycles no one is posting bounty with mostly cycles > than 20k !