Redirecting to after opening repl

Problem description:
Whenever i try to open a node.js repl or HTML&CSS&JS repl the repl opens and then after a couple secs redirects to rendering me unable to edit any of these projects.

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Could you record and upload a short video showing what happens?

well it stopped doing it ill let you know if it does it again, and upload a video

I can reproduce, or at least I did face this bug before. Don’t know what caused it, but I deleted a Repl and created a new one right after. Think it fixed itself after a few minutes.

I think replit caches the old repl id for a repl in memory, so when you open a new one with the same name without reloading, it reuses an old repl id, and realizes that the old one’s been deleted


You can fix it by just reloding the website and it should work as normal.