Redirect Is Not Working After Successful Sign-up

This the second time I’m experiencing a redirect issues with an API after signup is successful. First issue was with Google and now with Supabase. The URI/URL is verified on both sites, it matches the URL from my sites redirect code.

My project is private, it has not been deployed yet. Does Replit not allow redirects while in private mode? Is there a different URL/URI I should be using?

This usually requires no tinkering or de-bugging as it is so basic. I’m using window.location.href to handle my redirect after successful sign-in/sign-up. It is not the APIs as the data is being captured. I have searched throughout the community and online for any documentation that addresses this issues but I am not finding anything.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

window.location.href = 'PUTTING MY URL HERE';