Recovering deleted mail

Hello, I’m new to these forums.

Last year I was using a Replit server in order to host a snake for the IA game Battlesnake (

Sadly, I changed colleges, and with that came a series of bureaucratic issues, including losing my institutional email, which was also the one I (naively) used here.

I wished to know if there was a way to regain access to that account and/or its repos somehow. I can provide as much evidence as needed regarding my previous ownership of the account.

If this isn’t the correct place for such an issue please guide me accordingly.


Sorry, the webpage is

Ask the replit staff to see if they can solve the issue you have.

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The help page for Replit points me towards this forum. Not sure where else to go/ask.


Welcome to Ask, @LuciusWrath

Perhaps try as that is the support email (I’m pretty sure).

This might be somewhat troublesome, but you can try contacting your previous college. Yes, they probably won’t do it just for your Replit account, but if many other problems regarding this email switch occurs, they may grant a period where you can switch your accounts to use a password. For Replit, you can press “forget password,” go through the steps to get a password to it or maybe there’s something in

Maybe you can message mods/staff on Ask.


Thanks for your answer.

It’ll probably be easier to ask Support directly.