Recover deleted repl folder

I deleted one folder in my repl and i am unable to recover it using the cli, it says no deleted folder found. can someone please help?

Try recreating the folder in the Repl, and recreate all the files in the folder, it should restore them back.


Hey @Snippy0311!

Can you please tell me the name of the deleted folder so I can investigate?

Those we’re media files, and i cant restore them like that… :frowning:

Hey @ShaneAtReplit , The folder name is “products”, it was in my “ZAF_Api” repl.

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Oh, the folder was inside of a Repl? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to restore folders directly. However, you can create a folder with the same name, then recreate each of the files in that folder, and it should bring back the old content.

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