Really Slow Loading Times

I just noticed today that whenever I try to open up my links, it takes a really long time to load. Like at least 2 minutes, and it has already woken up. It could just be that I am at school and there is terrible internet, but I wondered if anyone else was having slow loading times. And the other problem is that half the time it gives me this error.


Any insights would be greatly appreciated because its sooo slow right now.

I never get that error, but my web Repls can take way longer to load than they should. I assume it’s because I’m only doing free stuff and not boosting my Repls. Sometimes I get a Replit error instead of the website (I can’t remember what it says but I’ll edit the post if it happens again).

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Can you link your repl? It might be the code inside the repl’s problem, not replit’s.

No, it was happening on all my hosted repls. I tried all of them. For whatever reason, it seems to be gone now though.

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