React with TypeScript Repls are not functioning well

Problem description:
The repls made with React + TypeScript are not able to run correctly.

Expected behavior:
The repl should run normally. & It should render the content on the webpage. Instead👇

Actual behavior:
When, I run the repl & expect the content will render on the webpage. But, at the webpage, The replit does not display anything on the page & keep asking to RUN the repl.

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hey @chandrabhan18! Welcome to the community!

It seems to work for me just fine. The problem may be fixed now, do you want to try creating a new React + Typescript Repl yourself?

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Thanks, for the reply. Yeah, It’s working fine now. I was getting an error earlier. but, now its working fine.

Could you mark the answer which gave you the most help as a solution so that we can close this topic? Thanks!


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