React Template and BitDefender "Infected web page"

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Running the basic React Template causes BitDefender to report “Infected Webpage Detected”.

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I’m attempting to run and locally develop through Replit a React app, since it seems like a perfect space for it. I created a new repository with the default React Typescript template provided by Replit, and then clicked “Run”.

I expected to see the page of the running application; but, instead, I am told that an Infected web page was detected. The page was:

It warns:
“Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm the device, gather personal information or operate without your consent.”

I assume this is because it’s being developed and refreshed and all, all at the same time.

I created an exception for that specific page and now I can work as intended. This sounds like something you should probably know about and maybe see if you can remediate, though!

What areas or features are involved?
“Run” React Typescript Template

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Hi @t-writescode , welcome to the forums!
This is not Replit’s fault, and it is your firewall blocking it, as mentioned.
You can safely unblock it (if BitDefefender allows you to do that) as it is the website you created and is hence not malicious.

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Right! Of course! I assumed that was the case. I am curious if there might be some sort of change that Replit can make on their end that would affect this. No idea, but I figured it was worth a notice!

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My main suspicion for this is not yet being on the PSL [1] and so when one subdomain is taken down as suspicious, the entire domain is.

  1. Public Suffix List ↩︎