Re: How can I make a good topic in the showcase subcategory?

This is a more in-depth version of @hugoondev’s topic. The new Showcase category in General is a great way to get your Repl noticed, and formatting your topic correctly can maximize your Repl’s popularity! A good way to format a topic would be like this:

Title: (Title of Repl), optional ~7 word description
(Repl title) is a/an (function/ brief description of Repl) that was made by me and (OPTIONAL: list collaborators)
Repl link here
Any info on bug patches can be put here

As @hugoondev said, don’t ask for cycles, likes, or followers. If you deem a Repl worth putting here, those should all come naturally!


Maybe description instead of function?


I’ll change it. Function made sense to me as in the function (reason for using) of the Repl.

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Desciption is better since themes are also allowed. Though if people want to put the function they can if they want