RBS - Press Release


RotoBit Studios is a company designed to create games mostly on the Replit site using mostly the python coding language. We are a small team of 7 people who are trying to make some awesome games that you will love to play.


We currently have 2 studio created projects in the works as well as a signed project created by @Doomsdaybear.

Looking For Projects:

If you have an idea for a project that you would like us to publish and/or help you bring to life please contact us by clicking here.

Learn More:

Want to learn more about our games and our company? Check out our site, that has links to everything including our games, forums, etc. This site is ran outside of replit and is not affiliated with them. Click here.


Our website allows users to post on a private forum and get access to leaks about upcoming features. It also allows users to engage with other members of the community and our staff. You can also check the status of our games to see if they are down or experiencing problems. Click Here!

RotoBit Studios, DistantShadowsy

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