Raylib and sfml woes... Are these broken? Am I dumb?

I’ve seen a bunch of posts from a long time ago with some tutorials to get raylib working with c++ on replit but the fork has errors and setting it up myself using the tutorial also gives errors. I also saw some tutorials to get sfml for c++ on replit working, but getting errors here too.

Sometimes it’s file not found, and sometimes it looks like it’s going to start working but it says cannot connect to server.

Are these really broken or am I doing something wrong?

Is there any way to get some sort of graphics working for c++ on replit using some alternative library? I’m teaching c++ so I would like to stay with that is possible. Also, avoiding installing a local based ide and all of the problems that go along with that would be great, so is there is some reasonable way to get sometime going in replit, that would rule.


Hey @RogerKnight!

Would you mind sending me the link to the Repl that you forked and had a ton of errors so we can take a look?


Hey, thanks!


this works in browser on this page for me, but once i fork it, replit switches the environment to nix and i get this:

 bash run.sh
INFO: Initializing raylib 4.1-dev
INFO: Supported raylib modules:
INFO:     > rcore:..... loaded (mandatory)
INFO:     > rlgl:...... loaded (mandatory)
INFO:     > rshapes:... loaded (optional)
INFO:     > rtextures:. loaded (optional)
INFO:     > rtext:..... loaded (optional)
INFO:     > rmodels:... loaded (optional)
INFO:     > raudio:.... loaded (optional)
WARNING: GLFW: Error: 65544 Description: X11: Failed to load Xlib
run.sh: line 2:    99 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ./game.exe
exit status 139

hello? any help? Thanks for anything!!!

seg fault from the raylib? I don’t think it’s replit may be a bug in the lib/game you have.

How are you running an EXE file on Replit? Replit is Linux, not Windows, so EXEs shouldn’t run.


I have no idea. You’d have to ask the original author of that repl.

The repl works in browser, but when I fork it, it converts to nix and doesn’t work anymore.

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Thoughts for why it works in browser, but doesn’t after forking and converting to nix?

EDIT: I may have misused the reply feature in this thread. sry

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ye it should just compile into bytecode

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