Rate your driver... I mean bounty hunter

I think it would be cool if you could rate your experience working with a bounty hunter on completion of a bounty. In fact it would be cool if you could rate your experience with the bounty poster as well. This rating should be somehow publicly displayed, giving good bounty hunters a higher chance of being accepted for new bounties, and making people more likely to apply for bounties posted by users who regularly post good bounties.
My basic suggestion is just a rating out of five stars and the ability to leave a written review if you want. Written reviews would have to be reportable in case they are abused in any way or they would have to be reviewed by a Replit moderator/staff (which would probably be unrealistic so I think reporting would be the way to go).

This doesn’t really solve any problems, it would just be a cool thing to add which would likely benefit good bounties on both sides (the hunter and the poster).


Uber rating for Replit… I love it.


I agree, useful for both parties.

It also provides an incentive for the hunter to complete Bounties to a greater standard.


I think this could end up making it really difficult for certain people to get accepted. If you had a bad experience for your first bounty, that would really damage your future prospects. What if the rating expires after a certain period of time? Or something along the lines of that.


Good point. But there is no perfect way. With the current way its harder to be accepted if its your first bounty.

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True, and this is probably mostly unavoidable, however, if a review is outright offensive, too harsh, unjustified or inappropriate it could be reported using the report system I suggested implementing with the reviews.

I feel like if the rating expires, it kinda removes the consequence of performing well, or even badly, as you simply have to wait until your bounty history is publicly cleared… (But I do see your point.)

Ontop of what you said, it will be more difficult for new bounty hunters to be accepted for bounties, however, the same situation already exists with verified bounty hunters and bounty hunters having the number of accepted bounties next to their profile (since they are more likely to be considered), so in some ways this extra difficulty for the competition wouldn’t be anything new.


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This is now a thing according to aman in the discord

  1. Hey, we just launched the ability to leave a rating after a bounty has been completed! If you have any feedback or thoughts on it let me know

On the bottom right of an application press x completed bounties to see the rating as well as the past bounties they completed and the amount they earned

And you are able to rate people even if the bounty has been completed for months


You mean this is now a thing? Typos are great amirite

w and t are somewhat close on the keybord

Also made the same mistake here lol

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