Random Pygame Cursor

Problem description:
I ran a Pygame Repl and now there’s this random cursor stuck on my screen:

I can’t move it or anything and it’s annoying. Though, I was able to reload the screen to get rid of it.

Expected behavior:
Should disappear after I go to a different page.

Actual behavior:
Stays on screen until reloaded.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a Pygame Repl (or any Repl with an output) and run it. Probably need to click the output. Go to a different page or scroll down.

Bug appears at this link:
It works with any Repl with an output, but the one I did it on: https://replit.com/@TasosKhatzes/Space-Game?v=1


This is very normal. I recommend simply refreshing the page everytime you encounter it.


Yeah but it’s still kind of annoying and shouldn’t happen in the first place IMO

Yeah, I feel your pain, especially if you’re an avid pygame user and encounter this very often.

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