Ran out of storage

Problem description:
error message: you have no storage left

Expected behavior:
There should be almost 1 GB left, I only used 260k for my repl

Actual behavior:
I can’t upload anything.

Steps to reproduce:
have a look into my account

Bug appears at this link:

MS Edge/Win11/Laptop

Try running kill 1 in shell. Also, can you share some screenshots of your storage bars?

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kill 1 had no effect. screenshot:


Storage Bar: 1.024/1.024MB - close to limit warning


Can you please provide your repl link (not invite)?

Welcome to the community! There is a slight chance your Repl is corrupted. I’ve irreparably damaged a Repl before. Have you installed any extra packages on your Repl?
Do note that even if your Repl is fried, your code will be fine and you can just copy it to another Repl.

Try to fork it and see what happens.

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Could you send the output of ls -lah? A directory might be causing disk space issues, but just not listed for some reason

Did forking help? Let us know.

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