Ram at max limit with no code

I haven’t written any code and yet my ram is already at limit. Here is the image. I’m not sure what I can do about this.

What template are you using? If you use almost anything except blank repl the template code is still there and might run even if you didn’t write anything.

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this may be the language server, needed for code intelligence. See if usage decreases when you disable tools > settings > code intelligence

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I’m using the replit java one.

So I did this and this solved the problem. Thank you! How would I be able to use code intelligence for the future though?

Not tested, but if you’re having issues with how much RAM it is taking, maybe you could reduce the priority of the language server process like this:

  1. click 🗎 > ⋮ > Show hidden files
  2. In the file .replit, add nice -1 to the start of any languageServer start command
    -1 can be changed to up to -19 to be more aggressive with the language server process