Raise Cash-out Fee (bounties)

(Dotn hate me for this)

Source: https://docs.replit.com/bounties/faq#am-i-able-to-cash-out-my-cycles-into-real-money

On recent topics… Replit has raised the price of certain abilities and made things more expensive. Well, I think they should raise the Cycles cash out fee to 35% (as currently it’s 25%). To be eligible you must have 35,000 cycles (made from bounties). This means if someone cashed out 35k they would get 262.5 USD. 35% would be 227.5 USD. In some way I believe raising the fee higher would be a good idea!

Now when you have bounties like these out there:

This really comes into play…

25 fee: 1350 USD
35 fee: 1170

25: 2727 USD
35: 2363.4 USD

I bet it hurts when Replit will have to cash one of these out. I do see this won’t affect the recent updates much, but it saves Replit some money. It doesn’t have to be 35%, but I think it should be higher :slight_smile:


Nooo, please I’ve been trying to cash out I’m not nearly high enough! In addition, these bounties tend to lay latent as the ridicioulous price means the setter expects a professional freelancer to do AI/ML with a ginormous dataset with company level specs, when in reality they will get probably a 12 year old on free plan with recently nerfed repls and “immense knowledge of Machine Learning” (They know how to use openAI API).


Agreed. I’d be really excited if the cash out requirement was decreased. The massive projects tend to be really specific, and have a massive time commitment involved. Getting acceped in the first place is difficult enough.


Yeah but this could make Replit lose a lot of money at once…

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I don’t think so but I guess it could :sob:

Well yeah it could, a bunch of people are gonna want to cash out at once as a bunch more will have access to do so. Who doesn’t want a few 100 bucks?

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