Questions to do with VM deployments for discord bot hosting

Hi there, i have a discord bot that i created for my discord server. The bot currently is 4 separate python scripts on seperate projects working together (reason its scattered across 4 scripts is I’m just super disorganized lol). Before the deployments were rolled out and the hacker plan changed i just put a always on boost to all 4 scripts. Until now i didn’t have the time because school work got heavy to adjust to the new changes. Ive been looking into the VM deployment and have some concerns deploying my program. First is if i purchase a VM deployment am i able to deploy all 4 projects with it or is VM deployments completely separate and unique for each project? Ive create this bot in my own time just for fun I’m not going to able to afford more than just one VM deployment. I will be able to merge all my scripts itll just be a huge headache and time consuming. Second is if i deploy a project will people be able to access my code? I believe the answer is no but i just would like to double check, i’ve been working on this for years so i’d rather not lose the code. Lastly, How does the replit database work with deployments? Is the data shared from the workspace and deployment? or do they have seperate databases?

Tell me if something doesn’t make sense and i’ll try to elaborate, i am very bad at explaining things.