Questions about templates

  • How long does it usually take to get a template reviewed
  • How will I know when it has been reviewed
  • Out of the templates requested, how many usually get approved.
  • Is there any other key features you need other than and your template itself

All templates automatically get published to the community as of right now. Before their were nor not but not anymore.


Why does it say this then?

“The Replit team will review your Template before it is live on the Templates page.”

Can you share a screenshot?

Screenshot from a different project:

Ah I see. I think if you publish Publish to Community it will insta publish and that’s just a carry over from when it did not


All templates get moderated before going on All templates get published, and will show up in Community, but to get into the categories on /templates, the projects are all reviewed by staff.


Good to know. The wording should be updated to make that more clear


Good to know but then my questions are still valid. By approved I mean get onto categories.

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none of my web framework or language templates have been approved, including one with 2.6K forks. I think you should contact the mods to get your templates actually reviewed


oof. How did you even get 2.6k forks then?

there was a time when all templates were listed on /templates. It won the template jam (although my other template jam winners got <100 forks). And I linked the template to anyone on the discord server asking how to start a discord bot in python / having issues on starting.

Your situation then is that old templates probably weren’t reviewed but new ones will be @UMARismyname

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