Questions about Replit Core


Good evening, I have a question regarding whether to purchase Replit Core, taking into account the functionalities it can offer me for projects.

My first question is in relation to if I purchase the Replit core, I will not have to activate or deactivate the code at all times since in the free version I must do so. And in turn, how much is the capacity of the plan itself to carry out more than one project?

The second question is based on whether it is recommended to purchase Replit Core because on our part we make virtual assistants within Voiceflow in which we integrate POST and GET Request with functionalities within Replit so that the conversation is more fluid.

I consult it more than anything taking into account that we use the GPT Chat API for any response from the assistant. If you could help me and give me an answer to these questions, I would completely appreciate it.

Replit Profile:

You can view the features of Replit Core at, which include deployments (code that stays activated at all times) and other benefits.

This is a tough question… you’d need a deployment anyways, so it depends on which type of deployment you plan on using and how much traffic you’ll get on your deployment.


I don’t know if your answer is direct, today we are having approximately 10 to 15 conversations per week, so I would like to obtain real data to make a decision in this regard.

At the same time, I ask you to explain the variations of Repit Core a little more and I only get that I should look at the url. I consult mainly to obtain a direct response focused on the user making the query.

There are two ways to deploy: Direct payment, and Replit Core.

You can directly purchase replit deployments without core, but you can also use deployments through Replit Core’s $8 flexible credits. It really depends, and I recommend you make a spreadsheet with costs, etc.