Questions about keeping repls private

Hi. I’ve just created teams to use with my Computer Science classes and would like to avoid members (other than teachers) being able to browse each others’ repls - I suspect some students might browse the work of the best coders in the class and see what they have been doing rather than solve the problems themselves.

Is there any way to set all repls in a team to private by default, but that allows teachers to access them?

These students have been using Replit for some time, so their accounts all predate their being in my team.


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Hey, @MrR welcome to the forums.

Repls on a team are already private. But on their own accounts would be public. So as long as you don’t let them fork repls onto their own account they cant see other’s work.

Thank you. Is there any way to keep my own repls private too, so they don’t access any solutions I’ve already worked on. Again, I’ve had an account much longer than I have had a team

With out hacker or cycles no. What you can do is fork all your solutions onto a secret alt account then delete the original repl making it a lot hard for your students to find. Or you can just make the solutions on the team and delete your repls with the solutions.

Great - thanks for your help

One thing I did, was set up a separate team under my school organization called “TClark stuff” and I used the CLI tool to copy my repls I would like to remain private to that one, and now make any solution or working code in that team section.

Now that I have a cs coworker I make “Template” teams where we can collaborate on projects that we then copy over to our respective period teams to then publish for students, and these templates teams are useful for setting up new teams in future years.


@TClark that’s really helpful - thank you. I had no idea about that tool but it looks like it would solve the problem for me