Question About TL3

How does one get to TL3? Like how did y’all TL3s get there? @not-ethan how’d you get it? Or did you get it because of you being staff?

IIRC, they aren’t allowed to discuss qualifications for any Trust Level…

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They are automatically promoted by reaching a bunch of requirements. @JayAySeaOhBee14 is correct that we cant say the exact requirements. What are trust levels?

I got automatically promoted. And I am not staff. I am just a community moderator, I don’t get payed by Replit.


also, if you got flagged, you’ve barely got any hope to be a TL3 :frowning:

Ahh :eyeglasses: Thanks for the reply though

:frowning: Ok :face_holding_back_tears: Thank you for the help

Not exactly. TL3 is calculated over the past x days. And you can have more than 1 flagged posts (agreed by a mod) but the exact amount wont be disclosed

But you cant achieve TL3 if you have been silenced or suspended in the past 6 months. But you can appeal that


It’s already been discussed the specifics of how to get TL3. The basics though are just be active in the community. I started answering a bunch of questions and then suddenly I was TL3, all within a short period of time.


Well I can’t expect more from you. paid*

Grammer Queen lol :laughing: You really good at grammar though.


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