Question About Teams And Account Things

This is probably more of a question for someone like @DavidAtReplit or someone like this but as the school year comes to an end and the educational team I am on will end, will my account get deleted? I created the account and then was on the team and I am the only one in my team that can change profile picture and name and everything, so will my account get deleted? Or would that be a question for my teacher?

I dont think it will be deleted unless you delete it yourself. But don’t quote me on this


Did you mean to add a T to the end of the title? @not-ethan

Edit: Thank you

Your account shouldn’t be deleted, but the team may be (that’s something to ask the teacher) - but if you’ve created the account with Google SSO from your school email that could cause problems if they deactivate your school account


Ok, thank you for the help.

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