Question about how deployments work

I have several always on python programs including a trading bot that stays on, occasionally checks the market, makes trades via a brokers api if necessary, and writes to a txt file occasionally. This works fine with Always On. I have heard conflicting information about how deployments work though and I just want to be sure that once my Teams Pro plan gets transitioned to deployments that my repls will still work as they do now. Can anyone confirm?

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You are correct, however unlike always on, deployments never temporarily turn off. So, they’re even better!

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Hmmm it depends on the type of Deployments
AutoScale deployment will go off anytime and restart when the site is accessed
Reserved VM should never stop, but they can sometimes restart if needed

Based on the fact that filesystem is not persistent, keep in mind that Deployment is absolutely not the same thing as a Repl with Always On.

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Yea, thats what had me confused. So a Python script that stays looped and occasionally writes to a .txt file for example… this works great with always on. Is there a way to do this with our deployment options?

not for the moment because if the server stops you will lose all files
With a Reserved VM, the server will remain up a long time but MAY stop anytime.
With autoscale, it can restart when nothing is happening

I hope Repl experts will make filesystem persistence just like in normal Repls
otherwise you can write to a remote database or remote file server

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Replit has heard our feedback and is looking into options for persistent filesystems in Deployments.

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No? You don’t lose files when you stop running a program

When you use Deployment, there is a copy of your Repl sent to a Deployed Repl.
Then all files created on this Deployed Repl are in memory only and they all disappear if this Repl goes down or restart.

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