Question about changing usernames

After you change your username, is it possible for people to see your old username? I know anytime anyone ever mentioned you, the old @ would show up. But in my case no one mentioned me.

It was a school account with my real full name btw


Can you change the username actually?

Yeah, to change your username on Replit just go to AccountCLI.

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Aren’t you only able to do it once?

I would assume there would be no direct evidence of the change, but all your previous comments and replies would likely be under the new name, so people would be able to easily guess or assume.

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Looks like it can be changed once, in case i want to get rid of the real name here :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you can only change your username through the CLI once:


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I think older comments before you changed your username will still contain your old username rather than the new one.

EDIT: Yeah, earlier comments before the username change still have your old username, as evidenced by the fact that my previous username was @functionally and I changed it yesterday. Here’s a screenshot of an 18-day-old comment.



I already asked this.

And answered it.

This is why I made haste to change my username: I didn’t want to deal with that.

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