Qt creator with qt4 on Replit

Hi, does anyone know how I can run Qt creator on Replit? It has to work with the qt4 package that I have in my replit.nix file.

Repl: C++ Qt test - C++ Repl - Replit

Hi @LuisAFK thanks for your question.

Can you describe what you are expecting the Repl to do when run?

When run it compiles the program and runs it (that’s what I want).
But I also want to run Qt Creator once to create/design my app, so for example run it from the shell. But I can’t find how to download Qt Creator for Linux.

Hi @LuisAFK have you tried this page? Qt for Linux/X11 | Qt 6.3

I just realised that I’m supposed to download Qt Creator on my own computer and then upload the files generated to Replit. Just saying for anyone that wants to do this in the future.

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Thanks @LuisAFK that’s useful information to have here!

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