Q&A: Replit-Scheduled

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I have yet to receive information on Replit Scheduler Deployments, and would like to start off with the following questions:

  1. What is the time accuracy of Scheduler deployments?
  2. How long will the process run for?
  3. Other limits, such as time intervals, bandwidth + quota, etc?

Scheduled deployments have a minimum granularity of 1 minute for execution. This means you cannot schedule a job to run more than 1 time per minute.

Probably until your program ends, or

Currently, we have a default timeout set at 11 hours for scheduled deployment executions, after which they will exit.

Scheduled Deployments have three cost levers:

  • Per-second machine cost: The primary cost involves the per-second utilization of the machine. The default machine costs $0.000028/sec. You are only billed when the job is actively running.
  • Scheduler cost: The cost of the scheduler is $0.10 per month, per Scheduled Deployment.
  • Outbound data transfer cost: The outbound data transfer across all Replit products costs $0.10/GiB.

If you are a Replit Core member, your membership comes with $8 per month in flexible credits that can be applied towards Scheduled Deployments. To learn more, visit our pricing page about each plan’s features.

(From https://docs.replit.com/hosting/deployments/scheduled-deployments)


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