Pythonista badge wont appear when authenticating user with Repl Auth

Problem description:
When a user uses Repl auth, the pythonists badge wont appear when showing the profile.

Expected behavior:
The pythonista badge should be seen in the profile in the auth screen

Actual behavior:
The pythonista badge is not seen

Steps to reproduce:
1.Have the pythonista badge
2. Fork the repl auth template
3. Auth yourself and you will see the badge does not appear

Bug appears at this link:
No link can be provided to show so



Hi @hugoondev thanks for the query! Hope you are well!

Are you following the Docs tutorial on repl auth or something else? I want to try and replicate.

Sorry, you clearly said you used the Repl Auth template.

When I attempt the steps to reproduce I see this:


Are you looking for Pythonista to appear in Roles?

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No, the template is just so you can auth and see that the Pythonista badge is not shown in the roles section, sorry for not being specific!

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Thanks @hugoondev! After a bit of discussion and testing with @RayAtReplit it definitely looks like a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully it can be fixed soon!


Is it fixed for you @hugoondev ? I still have the issue.

ah, not still I got confused thinking community mode what pythonista!

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