Python with Turtle repls cannot connect to server

Problem description

Our students have been experiencing a lot of issues for a while with their Python with Turtle repls. They get this message in the Output pane: “There we an error connecting to the server. Try again”

Occasionally, it can be fixed by reloading the page, clicking on the “Try again” button, or using kill 1 command in the Shell . But in most cases the students need to create a new repl since fixing the old one is impossible. This happens on various devices using various networks (we teach online classes as well). Is there anything that can be done to fix this situation?

Expected behavior

Python with Turtle repls should produce output.

Actual behavior

Getting “There we an error connecting to the server. Try again” in the Output pane.

Steps to reproduce

No steps to reproduce since it not always happen (but very often).




Mac and Windows

Device if mobile



Free and Core

Try refreshing the Output (clicking Try again or refreshing) while the program is running and displaying. If there is nothing being displayed currently, the error cannot go away.
Otherwise, network restrictions or the use of firewalledreplit can cause consistent Output errors.

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Im having a similar issue -

Unfortunately, any kind of refreshing does not help anymore in many of the cases. At the start of the school year this did not happen very often and could be fixed with the methods described in the bug report. About a month or so ago it started to happen at such a scale that it is a big hindrance to the learning process on various devices and various networks (online class).

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Device restrictions and security programs, such as those on school chromebooks, can also cause the error I believe. Yes, the error has become much more common. The Output domain is * and is often blocked. There have been many other issues with Output, but staff have not really responded to these (I guess this kind of stuff is their lowest priority). Replit has become a very bad place for educators if they want to use graphical programs. You probably have to use a different online python website, unfortunately, for turtle.

Unfortunately, that happens not only on school issued laptops. That is why I included "variety of devices’ in the bug report. I agree that replit is no longer workable for the turtle module, and we are forced to switch to a different environment because of this.