Python User Input Bug in Replit

Problem description:

When using the Python interpreter in Replit, a bug has been observed.

The issue occurs when typing user input multiple times; it automatically inserts additional characters.

Expected behavior:

User input in the interpreter should be accurately processed without adding unintended characters.

Actual behavior:

The platform adds extra characters when entering user input, which disrupts the intended functionality.

Steps to reproduce:

Open a Python interpreter in Replit.

Type user input more than one alphanumeric character.

Observe that additional characters are automatically inserted.

Bug appears at this link:

Python interpreter



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:wave: Welcome to the forums, @chellanhari!

We’d love to help, but we need more context. If you could use Loom or another recording software to shoot a video and/or send related screenshots, we would be able assist you to the best of our abilities.

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I can’t allowed to add pictures and videos.
Let me explain this

Suppose i type a code in python interpreter


I run this code

And type my user input. for example i type “hello”

But it’s automatically take some character “hehehello”

Are you using Gboard by chance? It conflicts with Replit a lot for me.

Guys it’s a bug. It’s not fault an Gboard. And I am not using Gboard. I am currently using SwiftKey keyboard

I can consistently reproduce this or similar issues while using gboard, so I suspect it’s part of the autocorrect or something. Also, sometimes inputs don’t go the the console at all and I have to double press a key.

@chellanhari: If your keyboard has autocorrect/spellcheck, could you see if this issue occurs with autocorrect/spellcheck disabled?