Python Turtle problem

Our school devices will not load the turtle output, so we cannot use turtle. I’ve read other threads about this issue, and am pretty sure it’s a school network issue.

I have been working with our IT department and they have checked all of the information on the IT Administrator’s Toolkit (, but they cannot see anything that is being “blocked” when I try to run a python turtle program.

Are there some other “links” besides what is in the IT Administrator’s Toolkit that need to be unblocked to run it?

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You need to allow access to * for VNC output (what the python turtle template uses) to work, I think (assuming that you’re using, not


Thank you. I sent your response to my IT department and they made those changes/adjustments and it worked.

If your issue is now resolved, please mark @9pfs1’s post as the solution.

Make sure WebGL is supported on a device that tries to use a VNC output. I don’t believe VNC outputs are hosted on or, but try unblocking those and see if it works.

@youngchief was unable to use the VNC feature on a network that prevents access to * if I remember correctly.


Yeah, it appears that VNC is hosted on domains. I could do more looking to confirm.

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