Python turtle output issues--no cursor, can't resize output screen

Problem description:
I’m a teacher. I’m trying to figure out why a student’s replit does not work properly.
There are two issues with my student’s replit.

  1. The mouse cursor is disappearing when viewing the output.
  2. The buttons for changing the size of the output screen are gone, so the screen cannot be resized.

Expected behavior:
I expect that the mouse is visible on the output screen, so that the user can interact with the screen. Specifically, my students need to be able to click on turtles on the screen (that is the main functionality they wrote for their program).

Also, we expect to be able to resize the output screen, but we cannot.

Actual behavior:
As mentioned, the cursor is gone. It appears when editing code, but disappears on the output screen.
As mentioned, there are no buttons for changing the size of the output screen.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to the code at the link below. Try to resize the output.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome vsn 108.0.5359.98
OS: vsn 13.0
macbook pro 2020

Hi @GSauline just wanted to add to this as I cannot replicate your issue.

Short video here showing how I’m running a fork of your Repl. Can you confirm this is how you are trying to use the Repl with your students?

This is my first time making a post on replit help, so not sure if my post should go here or in the bug reporting section.

I’m a teacher trying to help 2 students with their replit. We are using the turtle module. It is supposed to be a tic-tac-toe board, but there are 2 issues:

  1. The cursor is visible when we do code editing, but it becomes invisible when we hover over any part of the output. We can’t even see the cursor when trying to resize the window. We are using the click functionality of turtle, so we need to see the cursor. (This is not my first student for whom the cursor disappeared). Additionally, the buttons for maximizing the output appear to be missing. Not sure if this is a bug or we’re doing something wrong.

  2. Even when I click “maximize” on the output, the window will not become full size. This is a problem because we need to see the whole tic-tac-toe board. This issue has occurred on 2 different sized monitors-- an imac with a large screen and a macbook with an average sized screen.

The link to my copy of their replit:
my copy of their replit

Things I’ve tried:

  • Originally, they made their replit only using Python, so I changed it to be using Python (with Turtle).
    *I also tried inserting the code to manually set the size of the screen, and that did not do anything.
p.screensize(800,800) #they called the turtle module p
print("screen size is", p.screensize())```

*Before posting here, I first tried googling the issue, and then I checked these forums.

Hi @IanAtReplit, thanks for your reply.

Yes, that is how I’m using replit with my students. (The reason it’s so big is that the students left their image very large). I tried to embed a video here on replit like you did to respond to you, but I couldn’t figure it out.

The good news is, it appears fixed now! I didn’t do anything differently, but I can now see the cursor when I hover over the individual turtles.


Hi Greg @GSauline thanks for your reply.

I’m so glad that it now works. I sometimes have that effect on my student’s programs too, think it’s the static CS teachers generate walking around the room :smiley:

I used loom to create my video. It’s a free screen recording tool available at and I just pasted the share link into my reply. It auto-embeds here.