Python Turtle Not Full Screen

My students created Python (with Turtle) repl. When they run their code, the output window is full screen except 1 student with hald the window size. And on his left panel, it shows which is supposed to be a hidden file. This file is hidden in other student’s account.
I have tried these:

  • Delete the repl and recreate a new repl
  • Delete the account and recreate the account

Same thing still persist. Can’t seem to get to stick to full screen when we run code. Will have to manually maximise the window each time he clicks ‘Run’ and can’t seem to hide the file.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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Hi @jac ! Our python turtle repl template is pared down to make it as easy as possible for new coders to use. I’d recommend using a Python template and importing turtle to have some more flexibility with the output. You can find an example to review and fork here.

HI @lena, all the students with python turtle repl can get the full screen automatically except 1 kid. I was wondering why. And in his account, the is not hidden but it is hidden for the rest. All the accounts were created the same way but what makes them different?

To make it auto full screen, the student has to include the lines (as per your example) in every program?

I have the same issue, and I agree that the window should automatically be full screen and that the file should be hidden.

If I remember correctly, I think the old Python Turtle repls did have those features, so it might be a bug that’s causing this. I submitted a feedback report on the change.

I changed the config file for the repl and created a template that automatically sets the window to full screen and hides the file. This should work for every user.

Hopefully this helps!