Python Turtle loading issues

I am a teacher, and I am having my students use replit to code their program instead of a local IDE. We are coding in Python using Turtle. I prefer to import the turtle object than to use Python Turtle. My students are required to use their district email, and when they try and run their program it spins. I tried to run their program using my district account, and I get the same result. When I use my personal account, it runs right away. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Hi there,

It sounds like your district network has blocked our remote VNC connection.
You can forward this to your IT administrators to get unblocked: Replit Docs - IT administrators toolkit

Please share my email with them if they need additional advice:

Additionally, our Python Turtle language actually converts the Python statements to JavaScript. That should definitely not get blocked. Please try that and let us know what happens.

Thank you!