Python turtle issues

My device will not load the turtle output, so I cannot use turtle. Is this a performance issue, or is this a bug of some kind?

What kind of device? We need more detail. And are you on a school / work network that might restrict?

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its a school device, but apparently new.

I could check with my home laptop.

Does your school have any network restrictions? No gui works for me because of my schools restrictions.

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I dont think its a restriction, ill try checking later with my home laptop, if its a restriction, that should be fine.


I have done some testing, I am very sure that it’s not a restriction, I have checked. It lets me run code, but wont show anything in the output but a loading icon and a black background.

Can you link the repl please? (Not invite)
This is the replit.

Try putting this on line 3: s = turtle.getscreen(). I don’t really use turtle, might need someone more experienced helping you.

I’ve checked at home, it’s a school issue. Thanks for helping.


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