Python syntax check while typing


Does Replit support syntax checking for Python? Most IDE’s have this built in, for example missing a colon will mark it as red etc.

Hi @jrome011 , welcome to the forums!
This is called Code Intelligence. Go to Tools > Settings > Code Intelligence and toggle it on.
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Thanks for the reply but that did not help, it was already enabled for my project. Just to be clear I don’t mean autocompleted or syntax highlighting. It’s the ability to validate (check) for Python syntax as you type. Usually its underlined in red in other IDE’s. Thanks

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Hm… small errors are usually shown… unless it was changed?

Maybe it did. Here’s what I see (made some typos on purpose): Imgur: The magic of the Internet

It seems like code intelligence disabled itself on that Repl, as you’re missing the format code button too. Try running kill 1 in the Shell tab when that happens.


I tried doing kill 1 in the shell but same. I even created a new Repl from blank template but same thing. It seems like it only works when I do a Python template for some reason.

I don’t think syntax checking for any language will work outside of its defined template on Replit. Might I ask why you’re not coding python in the python template?

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The code intelligence (language server? syntax checking?) for a language can be configured in the .replit hidden file.
In newer python templates, the code intelligence is no longer configured in the .replit file and uses pyright-extended instead of pyflakes but the older python language server should still work.
You can also configure multiple languages.

In .replit file, insert this (if it doesn’t already exist, else just add what’s missing):


  pattern = "**/*.py"

    start = "pylsp"

Please tell me if this works because I’m just getting this from older repls and the docs.

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Thanks but no luck, still the same. This is what my .replit file looks like now: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Firepup650 You might be right. The reason why I like a blank template is because it allows me to install specific versions of python and poetry without having it preloaded, if I use the python template it ends up with two versions of python and causes all sorts of issues with poetry.

I couldn’t get it to work either. Also, my older python repls appear to no longer have code intelligence.

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