Python Script Deployment Stuck

Problem description:
I’m trying to deploy a Python script and the deployment keeps getting stuck on “Deployment: xxx”

Expected behavior:
The Python script should deploy.

Actual behavior:
Python script hangs on connecting to builder and terminates after 180s.

Steps to reproduce:
Deploy Python script.

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox / MacOS


info: Deployment: 8790b8cc-6030-47e1-af37-8ccf6a22091b - 2023-08-15T11:05:32.323Z
info: Build: 1850babf-629e-4e16-a453-e4d131b3a9d5 - 2023-08-15T11:05:32.326Z
info: Connecting to builder - 2023-08-15T11:05:32.326Z

It was deploying fine 1 day ago, but now just won’t.