Python Run 24/7 Plan Hacker

My code is working, but it stop after few minutes, in my code have an infinite loop.
I have the Plan Hacker and I cant see the option Always On in my Reply
For my code I need the Asias’s Server and when I tried deployment its not work because the server is USA

How can leave my code Run 24/7?

import requests
import time
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

intervalo = 2

data = requests.get('').json()
data = data ['records']
id = (data[0]['id'])
totaldata = len (data)

def arrumarDataHora(datacompleta):
    dataPedra = datacompleta.split("T")
    HoraSemMilessimo = dataPedra[1].split(".")
    datacerta = datetime.strptime(f"{dataPedra[0]} {HoraSemMilessimo[0]}", '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
    datacerta = datacerta - timedelta(hours=3)
    return datacerta

contador = 1
while contador > 0 :
    data = requests.get('').json()
    data = data ['records']
    id_new = (data[0]['id'])

    if id==id_new:
        intervalo = 2
    elif id==data[1]['id']:
        id = (data[0]['id'])
        created = (data[0]['created_at'])
        roll = (data[0]['roll'])
        datacerta = arrumarDataHora(created)
        intervalo = 26

Hi @WilliamRodrig50 , welcome to the forums!
Always-On is being replaced with Autoscale Deployments.
Read more here:

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No my friend,
The problem continues, when I try the use deployments return error in line 26 because the Api is blocked in USA.
To run my code I need the Asian’s server and I don’t know how to change server in Deployment.
In Replys is possible chagen the server

See this topic for information about Always on that may answer that question.

I don’t either. I don’t have enough cycles to keep a deployment running.

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Hey @WilliamRodrig50!

I have asked the team if it is possible to change the region of a Deployment and will follow up once I know more!


This answer isn’t really about how to make your repl always on, but after your hacker plan expires, i would invest in a raspberry pi because you have full access to everything on it, you can make it run 24/7, it would work way faster(depending on which one you get) and the raspberry pi can be used for other things(also the electricity cost is close to none)


Ty my friend, I don’t know what do.
I need chagne the refion of a Deployment urgently.
When you know please inform me

Nice tip my friend but do you know if this raspberry pi has server in Asian?

Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer brand. You buy a physical tiny computer and do whatever you want with it, in this case, host a project to the internet. So, it’s a server in Asia if you buy one and set it up in your home in Asia.

What is being blocked by the API? Is it the IP of the Deployment?

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I using requests and the url is blocked for some IPs

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Thank you for explanation, but this Raspberry Pi doesn’t solve my problem

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Thank you for the clarification. I will let the team know!


The team has let me know that we do not currently support changing the locations of Deployments. They only deploy to America at this time.


You market that you have servers in Asia, but say that you don’t allow to deploy there. I for example need a refund, bacause your service is useless for me with US only servers.

Hi @barkint , welcome to the forums! These servers help with the faster running of code, not Deployment servers (now only in the US). I believe Replit is working on Deployment servers in Asia.