Python Repl Will not Booot

I’m trying to work on a bounty but my repl will not boot. I’ve tried boosting it, using a different browser, and forking it, nothing works.

Expected behavior: Repl boots

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce: I don’t know, i tried opening a python repl on my alt and it worked.

Bug appears at this link: I don’t want to include the link since it’s a bounty for someone and private

Browser/OS/Device: Tried in Firefox, Chrome and Chrome Incognito Mode

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same happening to me, I would normally say nothing is wrong but this is happening to all my repls, in addition, I cannot even view other people’s spotlight code

Weird. My alt let’s me boot repls just fine, but none of my repls on this account will boot

that is weird I can access multiplayer repls but non that are mine…

yes this was a replit status error that occured around 6:46 PST: