Python PyAudio module installation failed

import PyAudio

Doesn’t work for some reason. it requires PEP517 to build he wheel for PyAudio, and after I installed PEP517 nothing has changed, still error

Anyone know how to pip install PyAudio?

Did you fill all the template fields? You didnt show the error, or where your repl is located.

Error code:


Sorry I’m on my iPad so I can’t copy and paste

Did you try adding pkgs.portaudio to your replit.nix?

Yes, nothing changed, same error and same issue

Try adding the nix path of the header file to CPATH and then run gcc -v and show the results.

I don’t know how you do it so can you edit it for me thx


It seems to work now, I installed it successfully, and only changed .replit a little, although your program does not run.

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