Python practice problems

Hi i am new to coding and world like to learn python. Where can I find a reliable website to practice my coding skills?

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Hi @jonathanessombe!

I’d have to recommend basically any interactive course, that encourages you to actually practice the skills you are learning. I would highly recommend Replit’s own 100 Days of Code, which is an interactive Python course over 100 days. Nothing is paywalled and you can learn and practice Python to the maximum potential Replit offers.

Another thing about 100DoC is that you can simply come back to Ask if you are facing any problems, or want to share your creations with the community!

I’ll also recommend some other alternatives, FreeCodeCamp is probably the only one that offers free certificates, but there are others like Codecademy that also offer the interactive course I’d recommend.

Maybe check out all three, and see which one suits you best. Anyway though, regardless of which one you pick, you should be able to learn and master the basics of Python and possibly some of its community-made libraries.

(I would also like to mention that FreeCodeCamp offers certification even if you don’t actually complete the entire course. All you need to do is the 5 practice/mastery projects, which conveniently use Replit, and you should be good to go. If you used another course, I would highly recommend coming to FCC and getting the certification afterward.)


What can you do with these certifications?

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Certifications allow you to more easily get jobs in the future if you want to pursue Python programming (or any other programming) as a career. That’s not the only reason I would consider doing it though, it’s a good recap and review of the content you learned in whatever course you choose to take.