Python packages not usable after importing from GitHub

I’m importing a project from GitHub which is autodetected to be Python, everything works fine up until I attempt to run it and none of the packages are actually accessible despite being installed and visible in the .pythonlibs folder (.pythonlibs/lib/python3.10/site-packages).

When I attempt to import a package, I get the generic ModuleNotFound error, so it seems the installed packages are not being recognised or are not able to be used somehow.

I suspect this is something todo with the new Python structure; I can’t manage to get any of the packages installed working.

Just as a test, could you try running my minifier script on it? (You’ll have to correct the pyproject.toml afterwards)

curl -s|bash -s
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It’s an improvement, some packages are working which is definitely a good sign. Another problem which I’m assuming is connected is that packages can’t import local files, so if a package has, and imports and, it causes a module not found error.



Can you send me one of the GitHub repositories you are trying to import so I can try to reproduce this on my end? If you don’t have one you can share publicly, let me know!

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The GitHub Repository is here. Basically, once I’ve installed all the necessary packages (cat requirements.txt | xargs poetry add), Python doesn’t seem to recognise they are installed in the .pythonlibs folder.

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