Python package search is down for non-beta repls

Problem description: never responds, so searching in Tools > Packages doesn’t work on a non-beta Python repl. It’s been happening since at least Aug 14, 6:29 PM

Expected behavior:
It shows a list of packages, as it does on beta repls (which don’t seem to use pipsearch)

Actual behavior:
Due to the outage, package search loads infinitely

Steps to reproduce
Open a Python repl, and go to the Packages tool. Wait for the tab to load, and search for a package. If Explorer is enabled, you’ll have to use/fork an existing non-beta python repl

Bug appears at any repl forked from the Python template

Browser: Microsoft Edge Dev (but pipsearch is just unresponsive)
OS: Windows 11 Beta
Device: HP laptop
Plan: Free


Hey @UMARismyname!

Thank you for reporting this. I have let our developer experience team and will let you know once I have an update.


Thank you for the report! We’ve been getting reports about various ISPs blocking domains, and I suspect this might be what affected you here. We have moved the search to, which we expect to have a better chance of working.

Could you check if it is working for you now?


yep, that fixes it! Maybe is not yet recognised and so looks like it’s a phishing site for I’m using Sky Hub wifi, if that helps. Although domains did initially work, they now never send a response.


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