[Python?] Package Manager should allow CUSTOM URLS as input. (i.e. git)

Describe your feature request
The ability to install packages from sites other then the default package managers. Like for python, you could also install packages from github by inserting the git+https://github.com/USER/REPO.git in the search box.

Tell us why would this be helpful

  • If there’s a fork to a package that has not been published yet.
  • If you want to connect your other projects together, like a package
  • If a package is hosted on a site other then the main one. (pypi)

Describe the user group to whom would this be helpful

  • Mainly form python users (issue orignated from there)
  • People not femiler with installing packages menualy

Describe any related issues / limitations that would be solved by having this feature


Thanks for this feature request, I’ve shared it with our engineers! I agree this would be useful.


how do you believe this will solve Replit dose not allocate enough resources when installing python packages!? Have you found a pre-built wheel for your package online so you can install from it without compilation?

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I believe that if they add this feature, it will fix it as since the internal packager is installing the package, it won’t have any ram limits and might be more optimized than pip or poetry alone.

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The packager tab just calls upm, which in python just wraps poetry