Python Output Window for Turtles not functioning

Problem description:
When running the following code:

import turtle

The output window appears and then sits on the loading animation for eternity.

Expected behavior:
Expected behavior is that when the above code is ran, a window will appear in the output box and a small arrow will move 100 pixels to the right, drawing a line behind it.

Actual behavior:
The output window appears, then perpetually loads, never showing the expected window and animation.

Steps to reproduce:
Run the following code:

import turtle

Replit will indicate that the code is done running as the run button turns into the stop button, then back to the run button, but nothing ever appears.

Running this exact same program in IDLE yields the expected window and arrow with line behind it.

Bug appears at this link:

Google Chrome Version 111.0.5563.64 / Windows 10 / Microsoft Surface Book
(Reproducible on other computers in the course of troubleshooting this issue)

Did you try this:

import turtle
s = turtle.getscreen()

t = turtle.Turtle()