Python Kivy on iOS mobile

Hi everyone, I’m new to programming, but I’d like to try to start by doing something from a mobile phone, more practical for testing as I don’t always have a PC available. I tried Kivy in ios but it always gave me an MTDEv problem (unsupported). what do i know is there a way to solve it on can you tell me how to solve it in some guide? I tried with inrepl the kivy but after it worked the first time they don’t work anymore. A thousand thanks

Hi @Sino77 , welcome to the forums!
I found a post on how to use Kivy in Replit:
There’s also a template:
Hope this helps!

hello and thank you very much for the reply. It always gives me an error (MTDev notvsupported) maybe also due to the Python version?

Thanks again

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Maybe Kivy isn’t supported?
What if you try entering pip install kivy into the Shell?

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