Python issue with simple command line in the console

I experience an issue with Python on Repl-it. If i ask for 1+1 in the console, the CPU goes to 100% , and bash: 1+1: command not found …
What’s going on ?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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code snippet

Thanks a lot for your help

Welcome to the community, @schavsinski!
Running commands in the console was a Prybar feature, and Prybar was removed from the default Python template. You can still use it from the Python with Prybar template.

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Thanks a lot

As a teacher, it would be great to get Prybar back in the defau;t template !


@schavsinski If my above post helped, please mark it as a solution so if any other poeple have the issue, they will have quick access to the answer!