Python import opencv

Any solution, I’m facing the same issue, also I can’t use:

import opencv-python

Hey @MahmoudAnkeer, welcome to the community!

Could you send a link to your Repl? This will allow us to better understand your problem so that we can fix it.

cc: @TL4s, can you split this into a new topic if he replies, thanks!

Why would you ping the account @Tl4s…?

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To get the TL4s’ attention

You-you do realize it’s just a random person’s account? To ping TL4s you’d have to ping the group but I don’t think TL3s can do that.

It’s not a random person’s account, it’s my own account:

Okay i guess…

You can’t fix it, he just has to fork an older opencv repl and paste his code in that. I mean he could also downgrade his opencv version.

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