Python Extension

Oh, thank you. But it is still not working for the tool thing I have a markdown file but it says could not find.

  1. It should be able to find it, are you sure you configured it correctly? Try removing the output/ part, it might be relative to the config location
  2. Markdown won’t render by default, and will only show the source code, are you sure you want this?

@dragonhunter1 since I want to do a tutorial on how to use it how would I do that? Would I make that a separate Repl and set that as the URL path?

No, try putting the tutorial inside your .html file, like make it pop up when you click a ? symbol, or put it in a different .html file.

@dragonhunter1 How would I do that? Could you give me an example?

The easier of the 2 is probably using a second .html file. Try using a static md 2 html convertor online, or put one in your code. (Eg. GitHub - evilstreak/markdown-js: A Markdown parser for javascript for the browser)

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@dragonhunter1 I have the tool working but when I install it into my project it gives me a not found error.